For those who need water to breathe

NAUI Master SCUBA Diver

Gain the in-depth knowledge and experience that will distinguish you as a leader in any diving club or group. Divers who desire additional training or orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions will test their skills and expand their diving capabilities.

The NAUI Master SCUBA Diver course is for divers who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of diving, while continuing education in the areas of Applied Sciences, Diving Equipment, Diving Safety, Diving Environments, Diving Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility Diving, Search, Recovery and Light Salvage, as well as Deep and Simulated Decompression Diving.

For divers who wish to become a NAUI Divemaster or Instructor, the NAUI Master SCUBA Diver Course is a prerequisite toward enrolling in a NAUI Leadership Course, and is an excellent progression toward NAUI Leadership roles.

What to expect during your NAUI Master SCUBA Diver Course in Mossel Bay: 

What’s Next: NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver, NAUI First Aid, NAUI Leadership Courses such as NAUI Divemaster or NAUI Instructor

Required Dives:

  • Emergency procedures and rescue
  • Deep/simulated decompression diving
  • Limited visibility or night diving
  • Underwater navigation
  • Search and recovery – light salvage
  • Elective Dives:
  • Skin diving
  • Review of basic scuba skills
  • Environmental study or survey
  • Air consumption (practical application)
  • Boat diving
  • Shore diving
  • Hunting and collecting
  • Special Interests