For those who need water to breathe

NAUI Open Water SCUBA Diver

There’s another world, just below the surface, ready to be explored! Start your SCUBA career with NAUI’s entry-level SCUBA certification courses – Open Water SCUBA Diver or Junior Open Water SCUBA Diver. 

These courses provide the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be a safe SCUBA diver, and are internationally recognized and valid for life. The NAUI Open Water SCUBA Diver course is the foundation for all other scuba courses. This is your starting point!

Our skilled instructors are ready to share their passion for diving and can’t wait to watch you take your first breaths underwater. 

What to expect during your NAUI Open Water or Junior Open Water SCUBA Diver Course in Mossel Bay: 

Dolosse, Mossel Bay (next to Kaai 4 Braai Restaurant)


With NAUI e-learning, you can complete all of your course theory as a self-study from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Our instructors are always available to dive into theory and answer all of your questions. 

Classroom | DAY 1

Safety is key when SCUBA diving. During your first session, we’ll start in our classroom, learning about the risks associated with SCUBA diving and how to mitigate them, SCUBA equipment, diving sciences, responsible diving practices, and underwater communication via hand signals. 

Kit Up | DAY 1

We’ll assemble SCUBA gear together in a process called “kitting up.” We’ll make sure that you understand the individual components of your new SCUBA kit, and how everything works.

Briefing | DAY 1

Next, we’ll complete a thorough pre-dive briefing, taking time to thoroughly review the dive site, and making sure that you’re prepared for the environmental conditions, entry and exit procedures, and so much more. 

Pool Session | DAY 1

For your first SCUBA session, we’ll head to our heated pool to practice basic swim and skin diving skills. Next, we’ll descend to practice SCUBA diving skills. Finally, you’ll start to swim around the pool, learning about buoyancy and how to move through the water with your new SCUBA gear. The pool offers a relaxed environment to build confident divers. 

Dekitting | DAY 1

Once back to our Dive Center, we’ll discuss how to de-kit, which is the process of disassembling our SCUBA gear, as well as how to rinse, clean and care for our SCUBA gear. 

Open Water Dive #1 | DAY 1 OR 2

Following completion of your pool session, it’s time to start exploring the sea! We’ll plan for our first confined open water dive, usually the next day or shortly thereafter. During the first open water dive, we’ll perform the same skills that you mastered in the pool, this time in the ocean. You’ll finally get to see what’s just beneath the surface of the ocean, while meeting some of our favorite marine life.

Open Water Dives 2-4 | SCHEDULED AT YOUR PACE

There’s much to learn during your NAUI Open Water SCUBA Diver Course — each dive will introduce new skills, at a pace that’s comfortable for you. By your final dive, you’ll be a safe, confident and skilled diver. Welcome to the world of SCUBA!