For those who need water to breathe

NAUI Rescue SCUBA Diver

Be prepared for any situation and expand your diving knowledge with a Rescue SCUBA Diver Course or Advanced Rescue SCUBA Diver Course. Learn how to manage risks and effectively handle in-water problems and diving emergencies, how to assist and transport divers, and how to perform surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat and shore based skin and scuba divers. 

CPR and First Aid certifications are required to complete this course. Your Rescue Scuba Diver training is a step toward becoming a NAUI Leader as an Assistant Instructor, Divemaster, or Instructor.

What to expect during your NAUI Rescue Diver or NAUI Advanced Rescue Diver Course in Mossel Bay: 

    • Prerequisite: Certification as a NAUI Open Water Diver or equivalent is required
    • CPR and First Aid certifications are required to complete this course
    • What to Bring: Swimsuit, towel, sunblock, water and a snack 
    • Location: Dive sites in and around Mossel Bay
    • Minimum Age | Rescue SCUBA Diver: 15 years old
    • Minimum Age | Advanced Rescue SCUBA Diver: 17 years old

What’s Next: NAUI Master Diver or NAUI First Aid

The NAUI Advanced Rescue SCUBA Diver Course is designed specifically to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Help prevent diving accidents
  • Recognize life-threatening diving situations
  • Correctly initiate and/or supervise rescue/assist procedures
  • Effectively perform in-water rescue/assist techniques and procedures
  • Correctly manage rescue assistants during and after rescues
  • Provide immediate, effective post-rescue aid
  • Correctly manage a diving emergency with adjustments for local variants.
  • Graduates are considered competent to perform assists and rescues in aquatic situations so long as the situation approximates one for which they have been trained.