For those who need water to breathe

Try SCUBA Diving

Want to learn how to SCUBA dive in Mossel Bay, but don’t have the time to commit to a full course? Or, maybe you want to TRY SCUBA diving before you commit to a course? 

We have the perfect program for you! Go Dive’s Try SCUBA experience is an introductory program that allows you to TRY diving with a minimal time commitment and no prior experience necessary. 

The Try SCUBA program has been specifically designed to introduce you to SCUBA diving in a pool or confined water.

This is not a certification course, however, after you’ve completed the Try SCUBA program, if you would like to commit to the NAUI Open Water SCUBA Diver certification course, we will happily deduct the cost of your Try SCUBA program from the cost of your Open Water Certification. Plus, your Try SCUBA program will count as the first dive toward your certification, so you’ll already be on your way to gaining certification as a qualified diver!

What to expect during your Try SCUBA Program in Mossel Bay: 


Meeting & Theory

Safety is key when SCUBA diving. First, we’ll sit down and discuss the basics — risks associated with SCUBA diving and how to mitigate them, SCUBA equipment, SCUBA skills, and underwater communication via hand signals. 

Kit Up

We’ll prepare SCUBA gear together, in a process called “kitting up.” We’ll make sure that you understand the individual components of your new SCUBA kit, and how everything works.


Next, we’ll complete a thorough pre-dive briefing, taking time to thoroughly review the dive site, and making sure that you’re prepared for the environmental conditions, entry and exit procedures, and so much more. 

Let’s Go Dive

Now, it’s finally time to Go Dive in either our heated pool or confined water training site, Dollose. Here, we’ll perform skills, making sure to go at your pace and comfort level. In no time at all, we’ll be blowing bubbles together! After we’ve run through skills, we’ll continue on for a fun dive, looking for some of the Common Marine Species of Mossel Bay

What’s Next?

Want more bubble action? Enroll in our NAUI Open Water SCUBA Diver certification course!