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How do we find the Best Bait ball Action on the Sardine Run

The annual Sardine Run off the coast of South Africa, is a natural phenomenon like no other. Each year, millions of sardines embark on a remarkable migration, attracting a dazzling array of marine life in their wake. The result? A breathtaking, predator-prey, spectacle known as the “Sardine Run.” But how does Go Dive, manage to find the best bait ball action for our guests? In this blog post, we look at Go Dive’s approach to searching for action, shedding light on the secrets behind our Sardine Run success.

Seasoned Guides

Our dive guides have all had previous sardine run experience. They are all familiar with tell tales signs and can spot the difference between a pod of dolphins cruising along the coast, and a pod of dolphins that is getting ready to create a bait ball. Our Skippers have all been in the game for years and their experience is invaluable when it comes to tracking the movements of the sardines and predicting where the action is likely to be most intense. We understand the local currents, weather patterns, and the behavior of the marine and we use this knowledge to get into the ideal position, so that our guests are guaranteed the best interactions.

Local knowledge

Local knowledge is priceless when it comes to the Sardine Run. Go Dive has many connections within the Cintsa community, allowing them to tap into the insights of local fishermen and coastal residents. These connections often provide valuable information about recent sardine sightings and where they’re heading. We have also made connections with spotter planes who do daily scouting tours and relay information back to us on the ground.


One of the key secrets behind our success is our flexibility. The Sardine Run is a dynamic event, and being able to adapt to changing conditions is crucial. Go Dive is renowned for its willingness to modify itineraries on the fly, ensuring that divers are always in the right place at the right time to witness the action.

Communication with other operators

All along the coast line between Port Elizabeth and Durban there are operators out searching for the same action we are. By developing good relationships and bilateral communication with these operators we are able to make informed decisions daily, about which direction will have the best action.

Location of our lodge

The Crawfords beach lodge is our home for the duration of the sardine run. The lodge is built on the top of a high primary dune and provides one of the best lookout points along the coast line. Many mornings are spent drinking coffee looking out to sea before the launch and most times we can see bird, dolphin and whale action from our doorstep.

The Sardine Run in Cintsa is a true marvel of the natural world, and our approach to finding the best bait ball action means our guest have the best chance of getting what they came for. Go Dive has earned a reputation as a leading Sardine Run operator, so, if you’re seeking the unforgettable underwater adventure of the Sardine Run, look no further.

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